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New York, NY

GW Bridge Towing, Upper West Side Lower Manhattan, Upper East Side, Lower East Side.

Towing GW Bridge 24 Hour Towing has been in business since 1999. We have the best 24 hour towing in NY - NJ. And we know that your time is important.

We have service vehicles and tow trucks in every part of NYC And NJ ready to serve you any time, we perform light duty towing, medium duty towing, commercial towing, emergency roadside assistance, lockouts, vehicle jumpstarts and more ... 917-847-9082


Emergency Tow Truck

24 Hour Emergency Tow Truck and Roadside assistance services, Help you in whatever capacity is required to get you on the road.

Flatbed Towing

24hr Flatbed trucks are designed to haul larger vehicles, vehicles with no functioning tires or require all for tires to be up off the ground.

Accident Recovery Towing

Hopefully you're never involved in a serious collision, but if it happens, Count on Towing Towing GWB to assist you every step of the way.

Light to Medium Towing

we are equipped with the vehicles required to handle most situations that have left you stranded on the side of the road.

We offer flatbed towing, Light duty towing, medium duty towing, wheel lift towing, motorcycle towing and more. Offers the best recovery services.

Towing New Jersey

Towing and Recovery, New York Towing and Recovery, Auto Repair Services.


Towing can safe your vehicle from staying as stuck as it is. Simply drop us a Call, and we will drive out to assist with 4X4 off-road recovery service, Wherever you are located.


Tire Maintenance Advice

The first step towards

Sustainably healthy tires is maintaining a proper inflation pressure for all four. By doing this you not only optimize your car performance, but also increase its safety.

Heavy Duty Safety Tips

Break down on the highway

Need to get towed

You should know the proper safety measures that both you and any towing specialist.

Car Removal Scrap value

Junk Cars for Cash

24 hours a day

Available to you where we will trade your junk cars for cash in New york and New jersey, We offer cash for junk cars.

Vintage vehicle Transport your car

Motorcycle Towing

Two-wheeled vehicles

We hold all the proper, industry standard equipment for safe, efficient wheel lift towing, preventing damage to cars during the trip.

Key problems All types of locks

Car Lockout

Need a Car Lockout

Contact Tow NYC - we'll be on the scene in no time, providing you the safe and affordable service you need to unlock your vehicle.

Jump Starts Long-Distance Towing

Reliable, 24-Hour Vehicle Towing Services

Discount Police Rates

Our towers provide prompt, reliable, and 24-hour vehicle towing services. We come to the rescue at a moment's notice.

Professional Roadside Services

When Your Car Won't Go

Call Us for a Tow

When you're broken down and need roadside assistance call Towing GWB Company today, Our towing company offers full towing and roadside services for the tri state area.

25 miles GWB

Service Area

Tri State area

We offer towing services within 25 miles of NYC. Expert Car Towing Any Time, Any Day!. Providers Of Afford And Efficient Heavy Duty Towing!.

Height of 7 feet 6 inches

Low Clearance Towing Trucks

Call Today For Towing Services

Whether you need a heavy duty tow truck, or low clearance towing trucks, you can always count on our Towing GWB service to assist you. Thereís nothing that we canít handle

Auto Repair NYC 917-847-9082

Towing Service in NYC offers Flatbed Towing, Car Lockouts, Jump Starts, Low Clarence Towing NYC, Tire Changes and more.

Please, If you have any additional related queries feel free to Contact Towing Service NYC by the contact form Or Calling us 24 Hours a day

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There are variable reasons that cause a car to need to get towed.

you should know the proper safety measures that both you and any towing specialist you may contact should take on the road, to protect your safety.

If you are in the middle of driving and need to pull over to get towed, it is absolutely necessary to follow these safety tips. First of all, move your car as far away from other cars as possible.

Not only does the initial driver of the vehicle need to take safety measures to ensure the protection of their vehicle being in the event where a towing is necessitated.

The driver of the tow truck that will transport your vehicle absolutely needs to follow safety measures. One of their initial steps is to increase the visibility of your stranded vehicle, by placing cones and flags around the area. This is to protect both you and them from oncoming traffic.

Driving down the road, or the interstate, you can find yourself in a situation where you run over something that punctures one of your tires. From a slow leak, to an immediate blowout, you will require some form of repair, or flat tire replacement.

Give us a Call and one of our friendly and courteous staff will arrive to your location and do the work for you. We will check your spare tire to make sure it is safe to use, and have you on your way in no time.

Car Lockout

Locked out of your vehicle, There is no need to panic. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the convenience of our customers.

Security system

Assistance to unlock vehicles

Car alarm

Tel: 917-847-9082


Automobile Jump Start Tips, Auto Towing, Avoid being towed, Brakes and exhaust system check.


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Technicians are available 24 hours a day, Dispatched directly to your location. No waiting time.

24 Hour Towing GWB Company has been loyally serving New york and the surrounding area since 1999


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